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In today's competitive market place, most discerning customers expect to be  treated fairly, with value for money, convenience and choice when it comes to servicing or repairing their vehicles.
Durham 4x4 aim to give the best possible service to all our customers at all  times.

Our technicians are Land Rover trained, and we use Land Rover Dealer Level diagnostic systems.

We use both quality OEM and Genuine Land Rover parts and accessories at prices lower than main dealer prices whilst providing fixed price servicing on all Land Rover models.

The price we quote you is the price you pay, Durham 4x4 will not undertake any other repair or maintenance work on your Land Rover without prior discussion with you and will only go ahead with your consent.

All work is carried out to the manufacturer’s specification using only genuine or OEM parts and high quality lubricants.

Servicing your vehicle at Durham 4x4 will not invalidate your Land Rover warranty. 


Comprehensive service & repairs

Our many satisfied customers appreciate the service that we provide here at Durham 4x4. Our comprehensive service package means that you can come to us with any problems with your Land Rover and be confident of receiving an excellent service every time. 


We look forward to welcoming you as a new customer. Let us show you what we can do!


Meanwhile, browse through the rest of our site to see what we can offer for your Land Rover, or feel free to contact us via the 'on-line ' forms on the web site or, better still, call us for a chat about your requirements on 0191 377 8761




Land Rover has changed the way that a new vehicles service history is recorded.

For all new vehicles purchased on, or after 1st July 2013, Land Rover Franchised Dealerships will no longer be providing with the vehicle paper service history booklets. From this date, Land Rover (via their main dealerships) will store all scheduled services, related service items and body inspections securely online. Customers will of course be able to access their vehicle service record by contacting any Land Rover Franchised Dealership should they elect to have service work carried out within the main dealer network. Upon each subsequent service visit customers service records will be updated accordingly.

However, for the many customers who come to Durham 4x4 for their service requirements, either during a new vehicle warranty period, or after its expiry, you will not be compromised by not having a new vehicle service book as a result of this Land Rover change, because Durham 4x4 is one of a very few Independent Specialists who have been accredited by Land Rover to use their official online service history system.

The EU Directive which allows Independent Garages to service vehicles within the manufacturers standard warranty period (or any extended warranty duration) without compromising its validity still remains in place and will continue to remain in place until 2023, when it can reasonably be expected to be renewed and extended for a third time.


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